Inkcredible: Meet Baltimore’s 6 Best Tattoo Artists!

As a local, I have had the privilege of experiencing some of the best tattoo artists that Baltimore has to offer. From traditional designs to intricate custom pieces, these artists have a knack for delivering unique and stunning tattoos.

With so many talented tattoo artists in the city, it can be tough to choose one. That's why I've put together a list of the best tattoo artists in Baltimore, each with their own unique style and specialty.

Whether you're looking for a small design or a full sleeve, these artists can make your vision a reality. From the moment you walk into their studios, you'll be greeted with a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

They take pride in their work and are dedicated to ensuring that each client leaves with a tattoo they can be proud of.

Their portfolios are a testament to their skill and creativity. You'll find a range of styles, from traditional to abstract and everything in between. Some specialize in black and grey tattoos, while others are known for their vibrant and colorful pieces.

No matter what your style preferences are, you'll find an artist that can bring your ideas to life. So, without further ado, let's dive into the world of Baltimore's best tattoo artists.

Studio 7 Tattoo And Art Gallery
3220 Eastern Ave, Baltimore, MD 21224 (Google Maps)

Studio 7 Tattoo and Art Gallery is a versatile tattoo and piercing shop that also doubles as an art gallery. This studio has some of the most talented artists in the area, who are professional, kind, and friendly.

They offer a wide range of tattoo styles, from traditional to modern, and they can customize any design to suit their clients' preferences.

The artists at Studio 7 Tattoo and Art Gallery are also great at freehand drawing and can create unique and personalized designs on the spot.

The studio has a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere that makes clients feel at ease and relaxed. If you're looking for a great tattoo experience, this is the place to go.

2. Sage Cosmetic Tattoo

Sage Cosmetic Tattoo
823 W 36th St, Baltimore, MD 21211 (Google Maps)

Sage Cosmetic Tattoo is a highly skilled tattoo artist with a range of permanent make-up procedures available.

The owner, Jillian, is praised by customers for her amazing work and ability to make them feel safe and comfortable throughout the process.

Many customers have returned for touch-ups and recommended Sage to their friends.

If you're looking for quality permanent make-up, Sage Cosmetic Tattoo is definitely worth considering.

3. Spellcraft Tattoo

Spellcraft Tattoo
2350 Boston St space b, Baltimore, MD 21224 (Google Maps)

Spellcraft Tattoo is a must-visit for anyone looking for quality ink.

With a team of talented and professional artists, customers can expect excellent customer service and a welcoming atmosphere. The shop is clean and chic, adding to the overall experience.

From planning to execution, the artists are attentive to customers' needs and provide unique designs that exceed expectations.

With a variety of artists to choose from, customers can find the perfect match for their aesthetic. Highly recommended for anyone looking for a memorable tattoo experience.

4. Mt. Vernon Body Art

Mt. Vernon Body Art
827 N Charles St, Baltimore, MD 21202 (Google Maps)

Mt. Vernon Body Art is a top-notch tattoo shop that offers professional and high-quality services.

The artists are skilled and passionate about their craft, ensuring that each client gets a unique and personalized tattoo design.

The shop is clean and hygienic, with a friendly and welcoming atmosphere that makes clients feel comfortable.

The artists take their time to understand the client's needs and provide excellent customer service. Whether you're looking for a small tattoo or a large one, Mt. Vernon Body Art is the place to go.

5. Body More Inked

Body More Inked
3061 Frederick Ave Suite B, Baltimore, MD 21223 (Google Maps)

Body More Inked is a top-notch tattoo artist. They offer high-quality work at an affordable price.

The shop is clean and the staff is friendly. Matt G is a talented artist who pays attention to detail and creates amazing replicas.

The atmosphere is private and professional, making it the perfect place for a tattoo. The artist is diligent, professional, and a complete sweetheart.

They are highly recommended and will definitely leave you satisfied with your tattoo.

6. Saints & Sinners Tattoos

Saints & Sinners Tattoos
1610 Thames St, Baltimore, MD 21231 (Google Maps)

Saints & Sinners Tattoos is a tattoo shop and art gallery that is highly recommended by their customers.

The shop has a friendly and professional crew, and they create amazing designs with vibrant colors. The artists are talented and patient, making the experience of getting a tattoo or piercing enjoyable.

The shop is clean and organized, creating a comfortable atmosphere for clients. They offer great customer service and have reasonable prices.

Saints & Sinners Tattoos is a great choice for anyone looking for quality tattoos and piercings.